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Scouring Penetration Agent

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Composition of POE Alkyl ether and special anionic active agent

General properties

  • Appearance: Light yellow liquid
  • pH: Nuetral
  • Ion: Anionic
  • Solubility: Soluble in cold water

Special features

  • The FB-23 is a low foaming agent which performs as an excellent penetrator.
  • The FB-23 works well for continuous scouring, drop of the thickening agent and emulsion dispersion of the rotary washer.
  • The FB-23 not only reduces the scouring time with better ability of penetration washing, but it also
    improves the whiteness to not damage textile sensation.
  • The FB-23 removes impurities from regenerated fibers, synthetic fibers, and fur blended fibers. Also, the FB-23 improves the hygroscopic ability of the fibers.


  • Usually 2-3g/L are used. Appropriate amount of usage may differ from the kind of fibers and stains.


120Kg drum